Accessories for Your DSLR

5 Recommended Accessories for Your DSLR

Often times when photographers get together they compare their notes on useful DSLR accessories. To anyone who is not a photographer this discussion may be a bit obsessive. But if you've ever been caught in a downpour without camera rain protection you will think differently. There are times that you are presented with a promising landscape but you lack photographic filters to make it look great. Looking through windows obscured by condensation also remind you that you need a lens and optic cleaning supplies. The tripod will help you capture a starry night and it is a lot easier to carry with the tripod case. There are also camera remote controls that make it possible to trip your shutter while remaining comfortable indoors instead of either getting frostbite or sunstroke.

Rain Protection

There is no reason that you would ever need to leave your rain covers at home since they are compact and affordable. The Rugged RC-P18 rain cover helps you protect your camera with the lens up to 18 inches. These lens coat rains codes are available in a variety of patterns. You can also explore Vortex Media, which are a line of storm jackets. They come in many colors and sizes and feature an opening at the bottom for your tripod and include a zippered carrying case.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Rain Cover for DSLR

Photographic Filters

For a magnificent landscape, two filters are a polarizer and a neutral density or ND. The polarizer helps eliminate reflections, reduce haze and improves color saturation. A graduated neutral density filter has the ability to reduce exposure selectively in areas such as bright skies, sandy beaches and snow. Also consider filter accessories such as lens wrenches, step rings and pouches.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Photographic Filter

Lens and Optics Cleaning Supplies

You will always need microfiber-cleaning clause and make sure you keep them new and fresh. These cloths are safe and effective for fine optics. They are reusable and are used in combination with select lens cleaning fluids. You can always get a Lens Cleaning Kit Giottos with a small rocket air blower, which includes a retractable goat hairbrush, spray bottle of cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, swabs and a rubber blower.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Tripod Cases

Photographers shoot long exposures, night scenes, sports and telephoto shots probably already on a tripod. Due to their size though they can be difficult to carry and protect without an appropriate case or bag. Consider bags, which are padded have accessory pockets, handles and shoulder straps. The way the tripod bag opens is important. One of the top-of-the-line is HPRC 6300TRIB Wheel Hard Case for Tripods with soft interiors kit.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Tripod Case

Camera Remote Controls

One of the coolest camera accessories is a remote control, it offers much more than a simple cable release. Vello makes a fine line of remotes that offer wireless camera triggering, delay functions, video on/off, still shooting during video, compatibility with most manufacturers, groups, channels, fast flash sync speeds, TTL, LED indicators, hot shoe mounting, and more. Shooters love the Vello freeway fusion Pro wireless flash trigger and remote control for Nikon and Canon DSLR's. These kits include, the transmitter and two receivers, 3.5 mm shutter release cable, many cables and four AAA batteries.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Wireless Bluetooth Camera Remote

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