Landscape Photography

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Historically landscapes served as a backdrop on portraits and other pictures painted by artists. But with the time art and photography has changed, and what used to be the "background" have gained artistic value in itself. And nowadays landscape photography has become a popular activity.

Now everyone can shoot as many pictures as he wants with a smart phone, tablet, pocket digital camera or SLR. Such availability of photography resulted in a real profusion of images we can see in social networks and media. However, not every shot of nature can be considered a landscape photo.

According to the definition given in Wikipedia landscape photography shows vast and unending spaces, usually capturing natural scenery and sometimes man-made features or disturbances of landscapes. However professional photographers who specialize in shooting nature point out several criteria that account for a good landscape photo.

The most important thing about landscape photography is that it should have a purpose.

Tell a Story

A good landscape picture can tell the viewer a fascinating story. The person will keep finding interesting details in the photo long after first seeing it. In fact, true artists can capture the moment of time on the photo and preserve it forever turning it into something magical. The more the viewer sees it the more beautiful and loved the picture becomes. It can often associate with a particular place or certain period of time important for you.

Show More Than Eyes Can See

Landscape photography is not just about depicting extremely beautiful places. The real art of this brunch of photography is to find the beauty in everyday life, something special that we fail to notice around us. The real magic of landscape photography is to portray places that normally are not considered beautiful at all. But after the artist adds his own unique perspective and creative vision to mundane surrounding it will look special and appealing on the photo.

Share the Feelings of a Moment

Gifted landscape photographers manage to convey on the photo the feelings and emotions experienced at this moment in time. It is the hardest thing to be able to share feelings with others.

Zero in the Beauty of Our World

The primary and evident purpose of landscape photography is to focus on the beauty of the natural world and the connection between us, people, and the mother earth. Photos depicting nature will remind us about the power and vulnerability of the natural world, its pristine beauty and need for protection.

What is NOT Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography should not be confused with photojournalism that aims to document the place in its ordinary state.


Shooting good landscape photos can be tricky. Your creativity is limited by the fixed constraints of the land as you strive to capture a dynamic scene in a static medium. But in the effort to convey depth with two dimensions landscape photographers capture the moment of life as it is, far from perfect but unique and truly special!