Photography Accessories for Your iPad

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Most people know that the iPad is a power photograph tool you may use it for postprocessing, image sharing, camera control, storage, live you monitoring or just for taking photos. The iPad is now finding a home in the camera bags of many photographers.

It does have one shortcoming, as it may be the fixed focal length lens that only features digital zoom. But if you consider the built-in iPad camera just a part of the larger lens system, you can always accessorize your iPad with numerous lenses, which open up many photographic possibilities.

The 37 mm Lens World

This is more familiar to moviemakers than photographers and his family at screw mount 37 mm lenses are a great attachment to a smart phone or tablet and there are several companies that make these mounts and lenses for the iPad.

Makayama manufactures a series of iPad cases that come with these 37 mm lens sockets along with a cold shoe mount for accessories. The cases also allow the iPad to stand in its own which is a great way to provide a steady shooting set up.

The IOGRAPHER mobile media case is available for the iPad air 1/2, iPad 1/2/3, and iPad many 1/2/3/and they all feature a mount for 37 mm lenses and provide for accessory shoes as well as side carrying grips for your device.

NigelTurnerPhotography - IOGRAPHER Mobile Media Case

Dedicated Lenses

The olloclip 4 in 1 photo lens for iPad air, iPad mini with retina display and features a 180 fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, and two macro lenses. You can clip it to your iPad; iPad mini and you have an instantly wide-angle lens or a close focus system ready to capture any intricate details you may need.

Versatility is the key with the Mobi-Lens Wide+Macro Lens. It comes in several colors with two lenses a macro and wide-angle and attaches quickly with the clip-on design.

The Swivl Expand Lens with case for iPad air 1/2, iPad Pro 9.7 inch is a protective case with built-in hundred and 40 wide-angle lens. It can make the iPad extra friendly for use as a teleconferencing tool.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Swivl Expand Lens with case for iPad


Your iPad's camera is a great tool for microscopy with the right conversion lenses. Some macro lenses get you close but when you want to get closer, the Bodelin Technologies ProScope Micro Mobile Digital Microscope kit features a mounting sleeve, a lens capable of 20-80 X magnification and built-in six LED lighting to washer subject with bright light.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Bodelin Technologies ProScope Micro Mobile Digital Microscope Kit


All of these accessories mentioned above can be used for motion picture recording notches still photography. If you're leaning more toward capturing video, The Padcaster line feature several comprehensive set ups for recording your next home movie or blockbuster film with your iPad. Some of these kids include Vivitar 58 mm wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

NigelTurnerPhotography - The Padcaster


There is an assortment of supplemental lighting available for the iPad photographer. Some lights are powered by the iPad but others are standalone units. The Lure Cube 1500 lumen light is beyond bright but if you need creative options and multiple color capability, the Luxli Viola 5 inch Multi color on camera LED light is standalone and slides into a cold shoe on an iPad accessory.

NigelTurnerPhotography - Luxli Viola 5 Multi Color on Camera LED Lights

Shoot the iPad

Artie capable, adding lenses to your iPad is a great way to expand his photographic abilities and help you get the most out of the system so add some glass and go out and make some great images.