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Landscape photography is equally popular among both photography lovers and professionals. The beauty of nature doesn't depend on the season and you can find really amazing views any time of the year. This type of photography is highly demanded by the editors of illustrated books and photo albums about the nature of the Earth.

Shooting landscape photos is quite challenging as it depends on weather conditions and sources of artificial light can't be used. Landscape photography as well as architectural photography aims to show either technical properties of the particular plot of land (object) and its "location" or draw attention to the natural beauty of the given landscape.

Landscape photography represents artistic perception the reflection of "general view of the location", not the reflection of the changing "condition" but rather the perpetual image of the given landscape (forest, meadow, sweeping spaces, etc.) which is characteristic for a particular area (region, location, wild life reserve, etc.)

A landscape photographer is first of all a naturalist, as he must understand and feel the landscape (see what differs it from other forests, meadows, mountains, etc.), comprehend special artistic image that he wants to depict by means of photography. Anyone who is going to get involved in landscape photography must be ready to travel much (walk on foot, in particular), as shooting several jaw-dropping dawn and sunset views that would look great on a greeting card or a calendar will never be enough for him. At the same time, I will stress it again - Landscape photography includes all the same main ingredients as a scenic photography: searching and waiting for the desired light, choosing the right "point" in the composition and analyzing close-ups and backgrounds. The importance of working with close-ups under advantageous in terms of composition and light background is often the main challenge a landscape photographer confronts with when choosing "the point".

To shoot a really quality photo of a particular object a photographer should be well qualified and possess certain skills. Plus he will need extra accessories and parts of the camera for his DSLR that will ensure his work is a success. Also he should be versed in specific landscape photography techniques.

Wide-angle lenses are the best for shooting such photos as they cover larger area and ensure deeper field enabling the photographer to use shorter expositions. Photos with diaphragm of f/16 will demonstrate sharp background and close up. Consider shooting landscape photos under various interesting angles.

Landscape photography requires you to be a real weather expert in your locale. Weather should become an easy to read book for you so you could predict how it might change. Equally important for a photographer is the ability to always look at the bright side. It means that you should never give up and always hope for the best!

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